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The Lodge boasts of an active Past Exalted Rulers Association which was organized in 1932.  Officers elected at the first meeting were:  Harold B. Rudisill, President; Walter G. McKinney, Vice President; Samuel A. Geiselman, Treasurer; and C. Homer Meredith, Secretary.  Brother Meredith served for 34 years.

The past officers hold annual dinner meetings and also special sessions where ideas which may be helpful to the Lodge and its officers are discussed and acted upon.  The Association provides an advisory committee to work with the Lodge officers and it also furnishes a degree team composed of past officers to conduct initiations at the annual Past Exalted Rulers Night observed by the Lodge.  The past rulers also provide the brass name plates for the Memorial Plaque and they have installed Lodge signs on all major arteries leading into Hanover.  In addition, donations are given to various Grand Lodge programs.


1902-1910     1910-1920     1920-1930     1930-1940     1940-1950

1950-1960     1960-1970     1970-1980     1980-1990     1990-2000

2000-2009     2010-2019


Exalted Ruler 2015-2016
Dianne Redding, PER


Past Exalted "Roosters" Rulers

2016-2017 J. Hoke, PER
2015-2016 D. Redding, PER
2014-2015 S. Rickrode, PER
2013-2014 S. Rickrode
2012-2013 V. Plank
2011-2012 D. Redding
2010-2011 G. Urick
2009-2010 J. Hoke, PER
2008-2009 L. Kiick, PER
2007-2008 S. Renkiewicz
2006-2007 K. Cartzendafner
2005-2006 G. E. Foster
2004-2005 J. R. Hoke
2003-2004 J. W. Barlow, II
2002-2003 C. L. Seilhamer, Jr.
2001-2002 J. R. Hoke
2000-2001 R. D. Rebert
1999-2000 R. D. Rebert
1998-1999 L. A. Kiick
1997-1998 J. R. Hoke
1996-1997 C. Adams, Jr.
1995-1996 R. E. P. Cleary, Sr.
1994-1995 A. A. Hinkley
1993-1994 K. J. Mumma
1992-1993 D. M. Krebs
1991-1992 R. L. Rutters
1990-1991 C. G. Berwager
1989-1990 J. C. Leinart
1988-1989 R. E. Blouse
1987-1988 R. L. Rutters
1986-1987 R. L. Moon
1985-1986 L. C. Smith
1984-1985 R. L. Rutters
1983-1984 R. M. Eyler
1982-1983 R. M. Mummert
1981-1982 T. L. Schuman
1980-1981 R. M. Eyler
1979-1980 R. B. Lehigh
1978-1979 G. G. Gerrick, Jr.
1977-1978 P. M. Lehigh
1976-1977 H. W. Neihoff, Jr.
1975-1976 C. L. George
1974-1975 R. B. Swartz
1973-1974 C. H. Zartman, Jr.
1972-1973 M. D. Eltz, Jr.
1971-1972 L. D. Yost, Jr.
1970-1971 L. C. Hicks
1969-1970 R. H. Zinn
1968-1969 E. L. Amspacher
1967-1968 R. L. Cashman
1966-1967 R. H. Walker
1965-1966 T. B. Murphy
1964-1965 M. J. Gabrys
1963-1964 G. L. Rice
1962-1963 R. L. Alwood
1961-1962 R. J. Meredith
1960-1961 W. H. Bittinger
1959-1960 C. T. Lucabaugh
1958-1959 R. J. Rouzer
1957-1958 E. L. Border
1956-1957 H. M. Bollinger
1955-1956 W. A. Frock
1954-1955 R. V. DeGolyer
1953-1954 E. J. Conrad, Jr.
1952-1953 E. H. Snyder, III
1951-1952 H. O. Price
1950-1951 H. W. Dell
1949-1950 J. H. Brinton
1948-1949 W. J. Klunk, Jr.
1947-1948 C. W. Wentz
1946-1947 C. H. Zartman
1945-1946 R. K. Myers
1944-1945 W. C. Geisler
1943-1944 R. H. Dell
1942-1943 W. C. Smith
1941-1942 R. A. Harding
1940-1941 W. J. Overbaugh
1939-1940 F. W. Rudisill
1938-1939 W. H. Shutt
1937-1938 H. E. Zinn
1936-1937 H. F. Miller
1935-1936 G. W. Swartz
1934-1935 C. A. Weber
1933-1934 R. C. Matthews
1932-1933 H. M. Folmer
1931-1932 W. G. McKinney
1930-1931 H. B. Rudisill
1929-1930 G. M. Beard
1928-1929 C. H. Meredith
1927-1928 C. B. Shaffer
1926-1927 H. B. Shutt
1925-1926 H. G. Becker
1924-1925 H. C. Brinton
1923-1924 C. E. Stambaugh
1922-1923 H. F. Hostetter
1921-1922 I. T. Naill
1920-1921 A. J. English
1919-1920 L. W. Rohrbaugh
1918-1919 W. L. McKinney
1917-1918 S. A. Geiselman
1916-1917 J. H. Ruth
1915-1916 O. S. Trone
1914-1915 C. H. Richter
1913-1914 F. W. Weber
1912-1913 F. W. Weber
1911-1912 R. K. Hoke
1910-1911 H. M. Stokes
1909-1910 F. R. Rodgers
1908-1909 H. C. Naill
1907-1908 J. A. Sheely
1906-1907 T. F. Chrostwaite
1905-1906 H. S. Ehrhart
1904-1905 M. N. Trone
1903-1904 T. J. O'Neill
1902-1903 C. J. Delone


PER Fact
The Exalted Ruler is elected each year by the members of the Lodge.
PER Fact
We have had one individual serve three terms and four individuals serve two terms as Exalted Ruler.

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