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Ladies Auxiliary

Ladies Auxiliary meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7:30 p.m.

2010-2011 Officers

President Katie Gentzler
Vice-President Marlene Swartz
Secretary Yvonne Bixler
Assistant Secretary Loretta Cover
Treasurer Linda Corbin
Assistant Treasurer Sarah Diven
Chaplain Ethel Smith
Tiler Barb Giraffa

Approval to form a Ladies Auxiliary of Hanover Lodge #763 of the Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks was given at a meeting of the Lodge on Thursday, April 13, 1961.  A Teas was held for the wives of members of the Lodge on Sunday, May 7, 1961, when a delegation of members of the Auxiliary of York Lodge #213 explained to the ladies how they formed, and told of their various functions.

It was voted to form an Auxiliary at this time, its purpose being to assist the Hanover Lodge in carrying out the principles of the Order and help in its social and civic activities, and to promote mutual enjoyment and social functions among the members of the Auxiliary.

The first officers chosen were:  Mrs. Rosemary Meredith, President; Mrs. Dorothy Swartz, Vice President; Mrs. Nancy Murphy, Secretary; Mrs. Ruby Smith, Treasurer; Mrs. Josephine Topic, Tiler; and Mrs. Marie Zartman, Chaplain.  Mrs. Helen Trostle was later elected to the Vice Presidency by the members to fill the unexpired term of Mrs. Swartz.

Our first executive meeting was held May 17, 1961 and our first Auxiliary meeting was held June 13, 1961 at which time our original by-laws were adopted.  By January 9, 1962 our membership had grown to 82.  Our first meeting in the new Lodge building was February 11, 1964.

The Auxiliary of Chambersburg Lodge #600 guided the Hanover Auxiliary in setting up their ritual, and the first Ceremonial Meeting was held July 12, 1962, with the officers of the Chambersburg Auxiliary installing the first officers of our Auxiliary.

There were many different gifts given to the Lodge over the years, such as: refinishing and reupholstering of furniture, drapes, stage curtains, remodeling of both ladies restrooms, table cloths, and new Jewels for the Officers (all of the above given on more than one occasion).  Additional purchases included holiday decorations, baskets for needy families, high chairs, sign out front, tables and chairs, dishes, carts, smoke eaters, planters in the grille room, folding doors, steam table, refinished door on the stage and painted the walls, new fryer to make peanuts and cashews and three flags (American, Elks and Bicentennial).

In the past 36 years (1995-2001) cash and material donations to the Lodge have totaled over $200,000.00.

In May 1971, Exalted Ruler Bob Alwood, proposed that the Auxiliary consider sponsoring a nursing scholarship.  The Auxiliary voted to sponsor a student of either a three or four year program in the amount of $250.00 per year.  This amount has been raised over the years to its current rate of $750.00 per year (as of 2001) per student.  Currently we have two young ladies receiving nursing scholarships and many have benefited in the past.

The following is a list of the girls who were awarded student nurse scholarships in recent years:  Karen Lawrence, Celeste Stremmel, Jane Howe, Amy Adkins, Heather Cummings, Jennifer Kessler, Jennifer Christi, Mary Lee Barger, Lean Grim and Courtney Reichart.  To raise money for the Nurses Scholarship Fund, we hold a Longaberger Basket Bingo the first Sunday in February.

Some of the various activities sponsored by the Ladies Auxiliary have been:  bi-annual rummage and bake sales, peanut and cashew sales, sponsoring stands at band concerts, parades, etc., selling food items.  There were sales of such items as:  cookbooks, vanilla, pepper, candles, jewelry, Bicentennial Liberty bells, recipe cards, notepaper, sachet flowers, zip code directories, daily date books and entertainment books.

Fundraising projects have included:  corn bake, card parties, white elephant sales, chances for afghans, a hand-knit sweater (made by Janet Bollinger), chances on Christmas baskets of Joy, chances on Christmas items with $50.00 attached.  Also, there have been weekly Bingo parties and a use book sale, fashion shows, and craft shows.

All of these projects have helped support our donations to the Lodge.

The Ladies Auxiliary currently boasts a membership of 257 members (as of 2001).  A candidate for membership in the Auxiliary must be sponsored by an Elk in good standing, or was in good standing at the time of his death.  The following are then eligible for membership; (a) wife; (b) single relatives as follows:  mother, step-mother, daughter, step-daughter, legally adopted daughter, sister, half-sister, and (c) single widow.  (Single means unmarried, divorced, legally separated, or that the marriage has been annulled.)  In addition, the candidate must be at least 21 years of age, be proposed by an Auxiliary member, and have two Auxiliary members as references.  A candidate cannot be sponsored by a father, brother, or son if husband is living and he is not an Elk.


May the divine blessing rest upon them, as they had lived our motto "Charity".  Charity mean many things:  helping the needy; a feeling of benevolence, good will, and love; love of man for his fellowmen; brotherly love; sisterly love.  Charity is giving because of the love in our heart.  So in our prayers, Heavenly Father, may you give us strength and remind us always to practice our motto "Charity".  In our lives may we always put others first.  Keep us steadfast in Faith!  So we remember you dear sisters, and pay tribute to you in this special message.


Rosemary Meredith April 1961 to April 1962
Elsie S. Hille April 1962 to April 1967
Catherine B. Hicks April 1967 to April 1968
Barbara Blumenthal April 1968 to April 1970
Lena Cromer April 1970 to April 1971
Janet Bollinger April 1971 to April 1973
Evangeline Luckenbaugh April 1973 to April 1975
Christine E. Swartz April 1975 to April 1982
Janet Stauffer April 1982 to April 1983
Pat Lehigh April 1983 to April 1984
Donna Folmer April 1984 to April 1985
Janet Stauffer April 1985 to April 1986
Polly Hansford April 1986 to April 1989
Linda Gebhart April 1989 to April 1995
Yvonne Krebs April 1995 to April 1997
Linda Gebhart April 1997 to April 2003
Katie Gentzler April 2003 to Present


Christine Swartz  
Evelyn Baldorf  
Elise Holland  
Janet Stauffer  
Jean Hunt  
Ann Eyler  
Judy Neiderer 1984-1985
Fran Bixler 1985-1986
Phyllis Kale 1986-1987
Kathryn Scholl 1987-1988
Vesta Shearer 1989-1990
Katie Motter 1990-1991
June Goodermuth 1991-1992
Lorraine Alwood 1995-1996
Gladys Smith 1996-1997
Jean Cashman 1997-1998
Linda Gebhart 1998-1999
Pay McVey 1998-1999
Dorcas Smith 1999-2000
Millie Eichelberger 2000-2001
Kitty Keefer 2001-2002
Kathleen Leinart 2003-2004


Valued Ladies
Our Ladies Auxiliary are a dedicated group of women who are committed to the success of their programs and to the success of the Lodge.
Each year the Ladies sponsor Nursing students and provide a selected few assistance through a scholarship program.

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