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Drug Awareness

Since its inception in 1983, the Elks Drug Awareness Program has worked to prevent drug use by our youth through education. The Elks recognize that they are not experts in the field of drug education. However, we do have the resources -- in dollars, facilities and volunteers -- to work with the experts to ensure that young people know the facts about drugs. In addition to sponsoring seminars, workshops and drug-free functions, we print and distribute literature developed by authorities on drug awareness. Since 1983, we've printed and handed out more than 125 million pieces of literature to students, their teachers and their parents. We hope that through this resource center, we can reach even more people.

In March 2010, inspirational speaker Milton Creagh "Bigg Milt" will be appeared at several local schools to discuss topics relating to Drug Awareness and our youth.  If you missed this event, search for him on YouTube.

Congratulations to Glenn E. Foster, PER!  Glenn was named Elks Drug Awareness Chairman of the Year by the Grand Lodge.  Excellent work Glenn!!!


The Elks have distributed over 125 million pieces of literature.
The Elks Drug Awareness Program was started in 1983.

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