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The "Guard" was founded in 1978, by then Exalted Ruler George G. Gerrick, Jr.  Gerrick was joined as Founding Members by PER C. George, R. Rutters, R. Duck, G. Baadte, G. Corcoran, M. Becker, and F. Chevalier.  Of the original eight, four remain and participate either in parades, color presentations or both.  Those four are G. Gerrick, PER, C. George, PER, R. Rutters, PER, and R. Duck.  Two of the original "Guard", namely G. Baadte and G. Corcoran have passed to their reward.

The first function for the "Guard" was the presenting of Colors at the Flag Day Service in June, 1978.  With G. Gerrick conducting the service as Exalted Ruler, C. George served as Color Sergeant and led the Founding Members through their first formal function.  From this beginning the "Guard" has become known, not only locally, but throughout the country.  They have been selected National Color Guard for three Grand Lodge Conventions; St. Louis, MO 1991, Chicago, IL 1996, and Philadelphia, PA 2001. 

They have been a fixture at all PA Elks State Association Conventions since 1990, having been named State Color Guard for ten years at Seven Springs, along with Valley Forge, 1999, Hershey, 2000, and Pittsburgh, 2001.  The "Guard" has also served as South Central District Color Guard during the terms of Paul Lehigh, PDDGER and Robert Rutters, PER as District President.

The "Guard" has also participated in the following parades:  Hanover Halloween, Hanover Memorial Day, Hanover Dutch Days, Littlestown Memorial Day, Littlestown Fireman's, Adams County Fireman's Association Convention, Lancaster Loyalty Day, Pleasant Hill Fireman's, Midway Fireman's, Carlisle Summer Fair, and Carlisle 100th Anniversary.

They have posted colors at Hanover Lodge memorial Services, Flag Day Services, and PER Nights, Gettysburg Lodge PER Nights, South Central District meetings, and Hanover Dutch Days.

The "Guard" has served as Casket Guard and Burial Detail for deceased members.  It has also assisted at Charity Clubs and in Lodge fundraising and assistance.

From 1983 through 1986, the "Guard" raised in excess of $5,500.00 for the restoration of the Statue of Liberty.  It has also contributed to the PA W.W. II Memorial and to the National W.W.II Memorial.

Recently the "Guard" participated in the 2004 Healing Field at Codorus State Park, Honoring Our Fallen Heros on September 11, 2004.

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